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Academy of Management ODC Division Doctoral Consortium

Janina Klein (Organiser), David Bright (Organiser)

Activity: Participating in or organising an eventWorkshopAcademic

Academische schrijfvaardigheid voor NT2-studenten: een poging tot aansluiting

Margreet Onrust (Speaker), Thomas Stam (Speaker), Nadine Linger (Speaker)
17 Jan 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic

CPB (External organisation)

P.T.J.M. Vossen (Member)

Activity: MembershipAcademic

Embodied Immersion

R.J. Allan (Speaker)
27 Jan 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic

Gender, Ethics and Critique in Researching Security and Secrecy

Marijn Hoijtink (Speaker)
6 Feb 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationPopular

Challenges in the assessment of writing: What educators can learn from writing research

Renske Bouwer (Invited speaker)
11 Feb 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic

Harvard University

Pepijn Brandon (Visiting researcher)
1 Jun 202031 May 2021

Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting an external academic institution

Criminal Responsibility of Military Commanders and Civilian Superiors

Lachezar Yanev (Speaker)
26 Feb 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic

European Society of International Law (External organisation)

Lachezar Yanev (Member)
2020 → …

Activity: MembershipAcademic

Educational lunch: examination in times of Covid-19

Johan Lievens (Speaker), Hedwig van Rossum (Speaker)
19 May 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationProfessional

Offshore windparken

Fokke Jan Vonck (Invited speaker)
5 Mar 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic

Podcast over de vrijheid van onderwijs

Johan Lievens (Speaker)
1 Jun 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationPopular

“Digitaal nieuwsgebruik: is meten weten?”

Tim Groot Kormelink (Speaker)
27 Feb 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationProfessional

The Rule of Law in the Netherlands

F.J. van Ommeren (Consultant), Rien Fraanje (Advisor)
26 Jun 2020

Activity: Consultancy

Culture, Health and Sexuality (Journal)

Ernst Patrick Graamans (Reviewer)

Activity: Peer review and Editorial workPeer reviewAcademic

Rust en concentratie bij oude filosofen

Gerrit Boter (Speaker)
7 Jan 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationProfessional

Intercultural Philosophy and Postcolonial Theory

A.C.M. Roothaan (Participant), Louise Müller (Other), Pius Mosima (Other)
13 Jan 2020 → …

Activity: Other


Reis naar het middelpunt der Aarde (Journey to the Centre of the Earth)

Wim van Westrenen (Speaker)
10 Mar 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationPopular

“At the Water’s Edge?”: Italian Political Parties and Military Operations Abroad

Wolfgang Wagner (Examiner)
19 Mar 2020

Activity: PhD thesis ExaminationPhD thesis examination

Gastcollege ‘juridische kaders van toepassing geweldsmiddelen’

J.S. Timmer (Speaker)
3 Jul 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationProfessional

Solid Platonism: Ancient and Medieval Varieties of Platonic Mathematisation

M. Martijn (Speaker)
4 Jun 2020

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic

Klaas Kraay

Jeroen de Ridder (Host)
1 Jan 202030 Jun 2020

Activity: Hosting a visitorHosting an academic visitor