A Hauntology of Waste

Activity: PhD thesis ExaminationPhD thesis examination


Summary: While we try to stack away our nuclear waste in places that hopefully no one will ever return to, burying and burning “residual” waste, it keeps coming back. Not full circle, but in uncanny loops, like the plastic soup that is taking possession of the oceans, of fish, of us. Waste, then, muddies our sense of being and of being present, and invites us to formulate an ontology of waste that is not so much about essence and presence, but about being-with and living-with. If ontology is the study of being and waste muddies or sense of presence, both in a spatial, temporal and categorical sense, we need a hauntology of waste, not an ontology.
ExamineeLisa Doeland
Examination held at
  • Radboud University
Degree of RecognitionInternational