A sustainable industrial site redevelopment planning support system

Activity: PhD thesis ExaminationPhD thesis examination


A significant amount of abandoned or not entirely used industrial sites needs to be redeveloped for a sustainable future. Several studies have been conducted for promoting industrial site redevelopment. However, more studies are needed on developing digital tools for analysing industrial site redevelopment impacts on sustainability. The tools should incorporate multiscale data and different aspects of sustainability evaluation, to be used in the dynamic land use planning process.
This study proposes a planning support system (Sustainable Industrial Site Redevelopment Planning Support System-SIRPSS), which integrates both industrial site level information and regional level information. Moreover, detailed building information is added into the system so that each site can be better presented and evaluated. This system helps to evaluate the redevelopment scenarios based on sustainable indicators from various aspects. As a result,
possible impacts of such a redevelopment process on the site and the whole region sustainability can be evaluated in the early stage of the planning.
Period2 Apr 2019
ExamineeTong Wang
Examination held at
  • Eindhoven Technical University
Degree of RecognitionNational