Artscapes: Israeli Art and the Landscapes of the Holocaust (supervisor Universität Hamburg)

Activity: PhD thesis ExaminationPhD thesis examination


Noga Stiassny: "The Artscapes of the Holocaust"

PhD dissertation (magna cum laude), Supervisors Prof. dr. Petra Lange-Berndt (UH) and Prof. dr. Rob van der Laarse (UvA)

The PhD project examines different artistic practices that are employed on the images and materials of the former geographic places of the Holocaust within the Israeli art, all in order to test the ways in which the artistic field functions as an agent in dealing with curating past catastrophes in our visual present. Regarding the ways these past places of terror and violence, these terrorscapes (Van der Laarse), are functioning, remembered, forgotten, or manipulated, as well as commodified, institutionalized, canonized and commemorated from both private and national/universal levels, the research pursues an interdisciplinary approach that includes scholarly work informed from the disciplines of art as well as from trauma, (visual) history, culture, heritage and memory studies.

Noga Stiassny (MA summa cum laude, Hebrew University) was as a PhD student member of the Research Training Group “Recollections: Representations of the Shoah in Comparative Perspective” at the University of Hamburg, of the international research group “German postwar visual history in a European framework: historiography, appropriation, legal regulation” at the DAAD center for German studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and affiliated researcher of the "Terrorscapes in Postwar Europe" research group at the AHM research school of the University of Amsterdam.

Period28 Jul 2020
ExamineeNoga Stiassny
Examination held at
  • Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften, Universität Hamburg
Degree of RecognitionInternational