Co-Convener. Anthropology of Confinement Network. European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) (External organisation)

  • Schneider, L. (Member)
  • Julienne Weegels (Member)
  • Marcio Zamboni (Member)

Activity: MembershipAcademic


Together with Julienne Weegels and Marcio Zamboni, I co-convene the Anthropology of Confinement Network.

This network aims to bring together researchers that are examining institutions and practices of confinement. We aim to create a space where we can discuss research findings and ethnographic experiences resulting from the examination of current forms of confinement. Confinement is today exercised in a diversity of contexts and institutions. Penal institutions, immigration detention centres, asylums, retirement homes, psychiatric institutions, personal homes for individuals under house arrest, electronic monitoring (and associated curfew) are but a few examples of the variety of shapes that confinement may take. The study of such institutions and practices is met with particular obstacles pertaining to obtaining access, the researcher’s positionality, the vulnerability of confined subjects, achieving informed consent, emotional engagement, etc. We intend to create a space that fosters ethical, methodological and conceptual discussion on the anthropology of confinement a space where researcheers can share with their peers not just their findings and theoretical considerations, but also their anxieties and concerns over field research. Furthermore, we aim to encourage stimulating debates, collaborative work and publication ventures.
Held atCo-Convener. Anthropology of Confinement Network. European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)
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