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Many employees with visual impairments experience work to be strenuous. The aim of this study is to examine the degree of fatigue and associated factors in these employees and to study the effectiveness of a two-day group intervention to limit fatigue. A comparative study with an intervention group (n=31) and control group (n=36) of employees with visual impairments is conducted. Results show that employees with a visual impairment have significant higher levels of fatigue than employees in a normative population without visual impairment. Fatigue is related to practical issues such as working pace, travel, visual effort and negatively associated with a positive attitude towards practical adaptations and accessibility tools. Work-related fatigue is linked to a form of achievementmotivation, but not to personality. For both groups a decrease in fatigue over time is found, related to the number of actions initiated and to efforts to diminish visual effort. It is concluded that work related fatigue is a serious issue for employees with a visual impairment, mostly related to practical issues. The study provides clues for energy conservation for employees with visual impairment.
Period29 Mar 2018
Type of journalJournal
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