GOMIAM (Small scale gold mining and social conflict in the Amazon: comparing states, environments, local populations and miners in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Suriname)

Activity: Other


Project (1M) in the six-year research and development program CoCooN (Conflict and Cooperation over Natural resources in developing countries) that ran from 2010 to 2016 and was financed by NWO-WOTRO in the Netherlands.

Location: Amsterdam, Amazonian countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Suriname)
Main project features: scientific research and policy development in collaboration with local, regional, national and international stakeholders, 18 researchers in six countries, from research institutes and civil society, inter-disciplinary (social sciences, environmental and mining engineering, geology); studies on conflicts over access to gold between local miners and migrants, state agencies, nature conservationists, broadly speaking

Positions held: Director, principal investigator
Activities performed: coordination of research on the socio-economic and environmental conflicts surrounding small scale gold mining in 5 Amazonian countries, putting up network knowledge exchange among stakeholders in Amazonian countries. Research carried out on conflicts of interest between local population, migrants and state representatives with respect to small scale gold mining.
Period1 Jan 20111 Jun 2016
Held atSocial and Cultural Anthropology
Degree of RecognitionInternational