Together with his hosts from the VU's research program on Fundamental Rights, Regulation and Responsible Government, Kurt Willems (Leuven Centre for Public Law, Belgium) was awarded a Kooijmans Fellowship in 2019 to conduct comparative research on "Balancing religious autonomy and quality control in education: a legislator’s dilemma".

Flanders and the Netherlands are confronted with similar questions as to the relationship between religion and (quality control on) education. The Kooijmans grantees therefore compare the different approaches both legislators have chosen to answer to these societal challenges, and evaluate these approaches on the basis of
- Freedom of education (as laid down in international treaties, as well as in both
- Freedom of religion, as interpreted by the European Court on Human Rights;
- Discrimination law, as enacted by both countries in similar terms as a result of EU Directives.
Visiting fromLeuven Centre for Public Law (KU Leuven) (Belgium)