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The program “The Dutch Contribution to the Potocari Memorial Centre second phase”

The aim of the program is to have a ‘Dutch contribution’ for some key elements of the plan for the so-called second phase of the Potocari Memorial Centre (hereafter: PMC). The ‘Dutch contribution’ includes:
Financial support, through the Netherlands Embassy in Sarajevo, for the reconstruction works and the activities mentioned below.
Expert input by peace organization PAX (previously IKV Pax Christi) and Memorial Centre Kamp Westerbork.
Involvement and support by Dutchbat veterans.
Assistance by the Dutch Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs.
Altogether, the concrete activities are dedicated to the development of the Potocari Memorial Centre, as a centre that will tell the story of Srebrenica during the war and that will extend a strong message to the world: ‘Srebrenica should never happen again!’.
These are the four main projects, to be realized by this program (see below for some more information on these main activities):
Restoration of the former Dutchbat HQ, at the former Potocari compound.
Reconstruction of a watchtower at the Potocari compound and one of the Dutchbat OPs (Observation Posts).
Capacity building for the PMC board and staff and the associations of survivors of Srebrenica.
Content for the reconstructed Dutchbat HQ: collection of photos and statements of Dutchbat veterans, and an exhibition on the international presence in Srebrenica.
Division of responsibilities
The PMC itself is in charge of the restoration of the former Dutchbat HQ building (project Nr. 1), whereas PAX will take the lead in and be in charge of the other activities (projects Nr. 2, 3 and 4), of course in close cooperation with the PMC. Memorial Centre Kamp Westerbork will play a key role in the capacity building (project Nr. 3) and the collecting of photos and statements of Dutchbat veterans and the development for an exhibition in the renovated Dutchbat HQ building (project Nr. 4). Sounding boards, with an advisory mandate, will be set up in the Netherlands and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with independent experts. They will be invited a few times to reflect on the overall progress.

IHRA expert meeting in Potocari
A small group of experts active in the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, previously known as the Taskforce for International Co-operation for Holocaust Education) will travel to Potocari to share their thoughts on the process of elaborating the PMC second phase program, including the educational contents of the former Dutchbat HQ. Upon the basis of their own experiences, they may indicate which activities should deserve priority and they may offer assistance in the implementation of certain activities.
Period28 Apr 2005
Event titleKeynote Expert Meeting The Dutch Contribution to the Potocari Memorial Centre second phase
Event typeExpert Meeting