Seminar on the H-Cobordism Theorem

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Together with Niek Lamoree and Michael Jung I organise a reading seminar on the H-Cobordism Theorem. The seminar is aimed at PhD students, but is also open to other people interested. Contact me if you wish to attend and/or give a talk.
We will follow the book "Lectures on the H-Cobordism Theorem" by John Milnor.
The talks will probably be held on Zoom, but if circumstances allow it, we will try to meet in person too. Here is a tentative list of talks:

Talk 1 (October 9, Pepijn): Overview of the seminar and introduction to Morse Theory.

Talk 2 (Otober 16, Michael): Morse functions for manifold triads. Section 2 plus part of section 1.

Talk 3 (October 23, Fabio): Elementary cobordisms I. Remainder of section 1 plus first half of section 3.

Talk 4 (October 30, Pepijn): Elementary cobordisms II. Remainder of section 3.

Talk 5 (November 6, Ronen): Rearrangement of Cobordisms. Section 4.

Talk 6 (November 13, Niek): A cancellation theorem I. First half of section 5.

Talk 7 (November 20, Lucas): A cancellation theorem II. Second half of section 5.

Talk 8 (November 27, Michael): A stronger cancellation theorem I. First half of section 6.

Talk 9 (December 4, Fabio): A stronger cancellation theorem II. Second half of section 6.

Talk 10 (December 11): Cancellation of Critical Points in the Middle DImensions. Section 7 up until page 97.

Talk 11 (TBA): Eliminiation of Critical Points of Index 0 and 1. Remainder of section 7 plus section 8.

Talk 12 (TBA): The H-Cobordism Theorem and some Applications. Section 9.

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