Workshop 'Early Greek ritual practices: practice and theory', Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Activity: Lecture / PresentationAcademic


The central question of this workshop is how we can reconstruct ritual practices by using and confronting various kinds of data – particularly archaeological, textual, epigraphic, iconographic, osteological and archaeobotanical evidence. The recently excavated sanctuary at Karystos-Plakari (Early Iron Age – Classical period) will be used as a case study to address such wider issues as to how early cult functioned, in what kind of setting cult took place, what sort of rituals were performed, and what groups of people were involved in what sort of ceremonies and on what occasions. In addition to these interpretative issues, we will pay special attention to the formative and depositional processes that have shaped the archaeological record: which part of ritual activities took place inside and which outside the sanctuary, which activities left archaeologically visible traces, and how do we distinguish between various categories of cultic material (garbage and valuables, votives and cult implements, sacred and profane items, etc.)?
Period3 Nov 2016
Event titleUnknown event
Event typeWorkshop