Are there trillions of microplastics in your sunscreen right now

  • HA Leslie

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If you applied sunscreen this morning, the chances are you are now wearing billions of microplastics. Just one bottle can contain up to 100tn intentionally added plastic particles—used to bind ingredients together, form a thin coating on the skin and make it waterproof—according to the Plastic Soup Foundation, a Dutch campaign group working to ensure no plastic enters any body of water. Should you be lucky enough to be on a beach holiday right now, that may be an unavoidable fate.


Most sunscreens contain microplastics

According to the Plastic Soup Foundation’s latest research, some 83 per cent of suncare products, 80 per cent of hand sanitisers, 71 per cent of shampoos and 61 per cent of face creams contain microplastics. If in doubt, just download its app, Beat the Microbead, and scan the ingredients list of any of the products in your bathroom. The results are galling.

Period10 Jul 2021

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Media contributions