Dutch election: Geert Wilders warns 'genie will not go back in the bottle'

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Period15 Mar 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitleDutch election: Geert Wilders warns 'genie will not go back in the bottle'
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    Media name/outletThe Guardian
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    DescriptionIn a campaign dominated by Wilders’ core themes of immigration and integration, the row has “allowed Rutte to show himself as a statesman – and to send a Turkish minister packing”, said André Krouwel, a political scientist at Amsterdam’s Free University.

    “What better publicity could a politician want a few days before an election?” Klouwer said. “Rutte was able to show he could actually expel Turks, and to tell Wilders: ‘You’re just sitting there, tweeting’ … This has won Rutte the election.”

    In a possibly unrelated incident, two big Dutch voting information websites were targeted by a cyberattack on Wednesday. Several Twitter accounts including those of the European parliament, the German newspaper Die Welt and Amnesty International were also hacked, apparently by pro-Erdoğan activists.
    Producer/AuthorThe Guardian
    PersonsAndré Krouwel