The Hoe?Zo! Show is an outreach activity aimed to make children enthusiastic about science. Children can ask questions and a panel of four PhD students will answer these questions. The PhD students will use different objects to explain their answer. The show is a challenge in which the PhD students need to answer at least four questions in 20 minutes. If they win they get a high five and if they don't succeed they'll do a silly dance on stage. 

The show is presented by Boy Vissers, the Quest Experimenter Expert, and was presented four times at the Weekend of Science (Weekend van de Wetenschap) 2019. Each show hosted approximately 200 children and their parents. 

The show is in collaboration with Dr. Lennart de Groot, department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University. We trained a total of 10 PhD students on how to answer difficult questions in a way that is understandable for children. Development of the show was funded by a grant from the Public Engagement Seed Fund, Utrecht University. 

Period6 Oct 2019 → 30 Mar 2022

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Media coverage