Muslim-Christian Relations

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Period1 Jan 2015

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Media contributions

  • TitlePandangan Ibrahim Kalin tentang “A Common Word” dan Signifikansinya bagi Hubungan Islam-Kristen di Indonesia (Ibrahim Kalin's View on "A Common Word" and Its Significance for Muslim-Christian Relations in Indonesia
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletMedan Diklat
    Media typePrint
    DescriptionIn 2007, the Muslim scholars gathered to discuss about the interreligious issues, especially the relationship between Islam and Christianity which in many ways becomes so problematic. The conference that took place in London produced a document called “A Common Word between Us and You” which highlights the commonalities found in both religions. Two important theological principles in the document are the teachings of love to God as well as to fellow human being. One of the Muslim scholars, named Ibrahim Kalin, has studied this concept and agreed that this concept could be a bridge that connect those two Abrahamic religions. This article will discuss about the history of Muslim–Christian encounters and its problems as explained by Kalin and then followed by the urgency of strengthening their interreligious encounter grounded on the teachings of love. At the end, I will discuss about the contexts in Indonesia and their role to implement the teachings of love in praxis.
    Producer/AuthorBalai Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Keagamaan Medan
    PersonsNelson Semol Kalay