NPO Radio 1 Interview on Video Selection

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I was interviewed during the NPO Radio 1 program "This Was the Day" on Thursday January 10th 2019. The discussion focused on the usefulness of using videos during recruitment and selection procedures.

Period10 Jan 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleNPO Radio 1 Interview on Video Selection
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    Media name/outletNPO Radio 1
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    DescriptionOn Thursday January 10th 2019 I was invited to join a discussion about videos in selection during the radio program "This was the Day" [Dit was de Dag] on NPO Radio 1. Together with Walter Huebert, CEO of Cammio, I talked about the usefulness and validity of using videos in recruitment and selection. My main message: the biggest advantage of videos is also its biggest risk. On the one hand, videos offer rich information and allow recruiters to get to know the applicant better. However, this also means that there is more information that can influence those recruiters, which might not be directly relevant for the job. In all, there are certainly benefits but companies should consider using it in a structured way and alongside other tools, such as an assesssment.
    PersonsJos Akkermans