Toxic Playgrounds

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Welcome to the episode Toxic Playgrounds. Under the pretense of a circular economy plastic is being dumped in places where it shouldn't be – such as on children's playgrounds. Because when it comes down to it, this makes them toxic playgrounds...

In this series we'll be sharing new evidence of the effects plastics have on our health, and especially the health of our children.

About Toxic Playgrounds In this episode we're talking about plastics outside: in sports and play areas, such as horse riding arena's, football fields and children's playgrounds. These are filled with recycled plastic (in the form of crumb rubber, polyfibres and rubber tyles made of car tyres)... displayed as a circular economy.

This probably sounds good, but in fact, it's not. Scientists question whether playing on these fields and playgrounds is actually safe. Even members of the European Parliament cast their doubts about playing on recycled car tyres and shredded carpets full of chemical additives. ➡ Watch this episode to find out more For more information visit!

Host: Adam Fields

Guests: Laura Hoogenraad - Journalist (2:27)

Professor Majorie van Duursen - Head of Environment and Health, VU Amsterdam (7:54)

Professor Andrew Watterson - Health Sciences and Sport, University of Stirling (12:36)

Members of the European Parliament: Eleonora Evi and Francisco Guerreiro (20:46)

Period12 Jan 2021

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Media contributions