Applied Quantitative Methods to Analyse Business Data (Summer School)


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The course focuses on quantitative applications to real-world business data, teaching students econometric methods (principles of statistical testing, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, time series regression, panel data analysis) and implementation of these methods (skill development) in the statistic software R.

Students will get to know different types of company data (cross-sectional, longitudinal, panel data), learn the basic frequentist approach to statistical test theory, and be introduced to the main workhorses of causal analysis. They will gather theoretical knowledge about these methods, their assumptions, and remedies to violations of these assumptions. Furthermore, students will apply this knowledge practically to data provided from openly available case studies and proprietary records from collaborating companies using the free statistical software R. Finally, academic articles applying the introduced methods teach students comprehension and interpretation of econometric research. Thus, (1) econometric knowledge, (2) implementation skills, and (3) understanding of empirical academic procedures are the main objectives of this course.
Course period3/07/23 → …
Course level3.00 EC