Additional file 1: of Adaption to glucose limitation is modulated by the pleotropic regulator CcpA, independent of selection pressure strength

  • Claire Price (Contributor)
  • Filipe Branco dos Santos (Contributor)
  • Anne Hesseling (Contributor)
  • Jaakko Uusitalo (Contributor)
  • Herwig Bachmann (Contributor)
  • Vera Ladislau Benavente (Contributor)
  • Anisha Goel (Contributor)
  • Jan Berkhout (Contributor)
  • FJ Bruggeman (Contributor)
  • Siewert Jan Marrink (Contributor)
  • Manolo Montalban-Lopez (Contributor)
  • Anne Jong (Contributor)
  • Jan Kok (Contributor)
  • D Molenaar (Contributor)
  • Bert Poolman (Contributor)
  • B Teusink (Contributor)
  • Oscar Kuipers (Contributor)



Additional materials and methods and supplementary figures 1â 9. (ZIP 12575 kb)
Date made available1 Oct 2019
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