Additional file 1 of The profiling of microbiota in vaginal swab samples using 16S rRNA gene sequencing and IS-pro analysis

  • S. Schoenmakers (Contributor)
  • A.E. Budding (Contributor)
  • M. Singer (Contributor)
  • S.A. Morr? (Contributor)
  • J.S.E. Laven (Contributor)
  • P. Savelkoul (Contributor)
  • M.P. Bos (Contributor)
  • Jonge J.D. de Jonge (Contributor)
  • R. Koedooder (Contributor)
  • L. Poort (Contributor)



Additional file 1: Supplemental data table 1. Output from the 16s rRNA gene sequencing in Vagina samples. Supplemental data table 2. Output from the IS-pro analysis per sample.
Date made available1 Jan 2021
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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