Additional file 1: of Transcriptome and proteome profiling of neural stem cells from the human subventricular zone in Parkinson’s disease

  • Vanessa Donega (Contributor)
  • Saskia Burm (Contributor)
  • Miriam Strien (Contributor)
  • Emma Bodegraven (Contributor)
  • Iryna Paliukhovich (Contributor)
  • Hanneke Geut (Contributor)
  • Wilma Berg (Contributor)
  • Ka Li (Contributor)
  • Guus Smit (Contributor)
  • Onur Basak (Contributor)
  • Elly Hol (Contributor)



Table S1. Characteristics, diagnosis and pathological evaluation of PD patients and control donors. CNTR = control; PD = Parkinson’s disease; PDD = Parkinson’s disease and dementia; CAA = cerebral amyloid angiopathy; AG = argyrophilic grain; PMD = post-mortem delay; UNK = unknown; ND = not determined; NA = not applicable. (XLSX 13 kb)
Date made available3 Jun 2019
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