Additional file 17: Table S3. of Integrative analysis of the Trypanosoma brucei gene expression cascade predicts differential regulation of mRNA processing and unusual control of ribosomal protein expression

  • Enoch Antwi (Contributor)
  • Jurgen Haanstra (Contributor)
  • Gowthaman Ramasamy (Contributor)
  • Bryan Jensen (Contributor)
  • Dorothea Droll (Contributor)
  • Federico Rojas (Contributor)
  • Igor Minia (Contributor)
  • Monica Terrao (Contributor)
  • ClĂŠmentine MercĂŠ (Contributor)
  • Keith Matthews (Contributor)
  • Peter Myler (Contributor)
  • Marilyn Parsons (Contributor)
  • Christine Clayton (Contributor)



Transcription rate analysis. Transcription rates were fitted for genes in individual polycistronic transcription units that share a common transcription initiation region. The lists of genes used are in the following sheets. The top sheet also shows calculations for some other transcription units. (XLSX 43Â kb)
Date made available26 Apr 2016
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