Additional file 2: of Amplified fragment length polymorphism and whole genome sequencing: a comparison of methods in the investigation of a nosocomial outbreak with vancomycin resistant enterococci

  • Victoria Janes (Contributor)
  • Daan Notermans (Contributor)
  • Ingrid Spijkerman (Contributor)
  • Caroline Visser (Contributor)
  • Marja Jakobs (Contributor)
  • Robin Houdt (Contributor)
  • Rob Willems (Contributor)
  • Menno Jong (Contributor)
  • Constance Schultsz (Contributor)
  • S├ębastien Matamoros (Contributor)



Table S1. All available characteristics of the isolates included in either AFLP, WGS or both analysis methods. NLD = Netherlands, PRT = Portugal, GRC = Greece, DK = Denmark. Phenotypic vancomycin susceptibility testing per typed isolate by VITEK and confirmatory E-test (EUCAST clinical cut-off > 4 mg/L). *The same isolate grown on another plate had an e-test MIC of 8 mg/L. **E-test not done. Same isolate grown on another plate had an e-test MIC of 16 mg/L. Table S2. Core-SNP matrix indicating core-SNP differences between each isolate. Boxed are the core-SNP differences between the Index isolate S01 and all other isolates. (XLSX 23 kb)
Date made available23 Sept 2019
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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