Additional file 23 of Inter- and intra-species variation in genome-wide gene expression of Drosophila in response to parasitoid wasp attack

  • Laura Salazar-Jaramillo (Contributor)
  • Kirsten Jalvingh (Contributor)
  • Ammerins de Haan (Contributor)
  • Ken Kraaijeveld (Contributor)
  • Henk Buermans (Contributor)
  • Bregje Wertheim (Contributor)



List of all significant differentially expressed genes. FBgn: Flybase symbol; Symbol _mel: symbol of orthologous gene in D. melanogaster; Functional annotation: classification of gene in functional categories; Orthology: single-copy-ortholog (SCO), lineage-restricted (LR), paralog (PAR). Columns 5â 8 show the significant genes based on glmLRT (significant genes based on the likelihood ratio test) or glmQLT (significant genes at 5h based on the quasilikelihood ratio test and the normalization used (spAll: all species together, spClade: subset of species, mel: D. melanogaster, sec: D. sechellia, sim: D. simulans, yak: D. yakuba); Microarrays: significant genes found in [17] (PAR) and [14] (CvsS); Genome: significant genes found in [19] (SR=Selected Region, SS=Significant Site). (CSV 7 kb)
Date made available27 Apr 2017
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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