Additional file 3 of Distinct cell type-specific protein signatures in GRN and MAPT genetic subtypes of frontotemporal dementia

  • Suzanne Miedema (Creator)
  • M.O. Mol (Creator)
  • Frank Koopmans (Creator)
  • David C. Hondius (Creator)
  • Pim van Nierop (Creator)
  • Kevin Menden (Creator)
  • Christina F. de Veij Mestdagh (VU University Medical Center, Alzheimer Centre, University of Groningen) (Creator)
  • J. van Rooij (Creator)
  • Andrea B. Ganz (Amsterdam UMC) (Creator)
  • Iryna Paliukhovich (Creator)
  • Shamiram Melhem (Creator)
  • Ka Wan Li (Creator)
  • Henne Holstege (Creator)
  • Patrizia Rizzu (Creator)
  • Ronald van Kesteren (Creator)
  • J.C. van Swieten (Creator)
  • Peter Heutink (Creator)
  • Guus Smit (Creator)



Additional file 3 Lists of unique proteins detected and quantified within frontal and temporal cortical tissues for the RiMOD-FTD genetic subtypes. Proteins were selected using quality filtering on peptide level (q ≤10-3 in at least 50% of samples per group, i.e. NDC or FTD). For every protein, the raw fold change, raw p-value, multiple comparison corrected q-value, and effect size (d) are given for the statistical comparison between NDC and FTD subtype. In addition, columns are included which note whether a protein has passed statistical testing (either p < 0.05 or q < 0.05). Furthermore, the differential expression of several well-known neurodegeneration (ND)-related proteins in frontal cortical FTD-GRN vs NDC and temporal cortical FTD-MAPT vs NDC are highlighted. -; not detected within study cohort.
Date made available2022

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