Additional file 5 of Altered secretory and neuroprotective function of the choroid plexus in progressive multiple sclerosis

  • Sabela Rodríguez-Lorenzo (Contributor)
  • David Miguel Ferreira Francisco (Contributor)
  • Ricardo Vos (Contributor)
  • Bert Van Het Hof (Contributor)
  • Merel Rijnsburger (Contributor)
  • Horst Schroten (Contributor)
  • Hiroshi Ishikawa (Contributor)
  • Wissam Beaino (Contributor)
  • Rémy Bruggmann (Contributor)
  • Gijs Kooij (Contributor)
  • Helga E. de Vries (Contributor)



Additional file 5: Supplementary Table 1. Details of the human choroid plexus samples used for RNA-seq. F: female, M: male; PMD: Post-mortem delay; RIN: RNA integrity number; SP: Secondary Progressive; PP: Primary Progressive. The type of MS is noted in between brackets, as extracted from the clinical report, sometimes unclear
Date made available19 Mar 2020
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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