Binary black-hole simulation SXS:BBH:0324

  • Ian Hinder (Contributor)
  • Larry Kidder (Contributor)
  • Harald Pfeiffer (Contributor)
  • Mark Scheel (Contributor)
  • Michael Boyle (Contributor)
  • Dan Hemberger (Contributor)
  • Geoffrey Lovelace (Contributor)
  • Bela Szilagyi (Contributor)



Simulation of a black-hole binary system evolved by the SpEC code.
Date made available11 Sep 2019
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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Hinder, I. (Contributor), Kidder, L. (Contributor), Pfeiffer, H. (Contributor), Scheel, M. (Contributor), Boyle, M. (Contributor), Hemberger, D. (Contributor), Lovelace, G. (Contributor), Szilagyi, B. (Contributor) (11 Sep 2019). Binary black-hole simulation SXS:BBH:0324. Unknown Publisher. 10.5281/zenodo.3326397