Counts of key Foraminifera taxa of sediment core FR1/94-GC3 from the East Tasman Plateau, Australia

  • Patrick De Deckker (Contributor)
  • Timothy T Barrows (Contributor)
  • Jan-Berend Stuut (Contributor)
  • Sander van der Kaars (Contributor)
  • M. A. Ayress (Contributor)
  • John Rogers (Contributor)
  • George C H Chaproniere (Contributor)



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Coverage: EVENT LABEL: FR1/94-GC3 * LATITUDE: -44.260000 * LONGITUDE: 150.000000 * ELEVATION: -2667.0 m * LOCATION: Southwest Pacific Ocean * METHOD/DEVICE: Gravity corer
Date made available23 Aug 2018
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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