Data description and result tables. from Evolutionary time drives global tetrapod diversity

  • Julie Marin (Contributor)
  • Giovanni Rapacciuolo (Contributor)
  • Gabriel C. Costa (Contributor)
  • Catherine H. Graham (Contributor)
  • Thomas M. Brooks (Contributor)
  • Bruce E. Young (Contributor)
  • Volker C. Radeloff (Contributor)
  • Jocelyn E. Behm (Contributor)
  • Matthew R. Helmus (Contributor)
  • S. Blair Hedges (Contributor)



Correlation analyses (table S1), structural equation models (table S2), variance partitioning (tables S3-S6), data and variables (tables S7-S8), GeoSSE (tables S9-S10).
Date made available1 Jan 2018
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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