Dataset for "A steeply-inclined trajectory for the Chicxulub impact"

  • GS Collins (Contributor)
  • N Patel (Contributor)
  • TM Davison (Contributor)
  • ASP Rae (Contributor)
  • JV Morgan (Contributor)
  • SPS Gulick (Contributor)



Data files for 5 timesteps from each simulation. File name convention is A_v_t.npz where time is in seconds (or the string "final").

Each file contains several cell-based fields (pressure, temperature, specific internal energy, density), tracer fields (peak tracer pressure, x,y,z locations) and grid information (nodal and cell-centred coordinates). For an example of how to access all that information, see the "Timestep" class at the top of the "" python script.

Python script "" will create a figure similar to the panels in Figures 2 and 3 in the paper. Use the flags -a, -V and -t to set the desired impact angle, impact velocity and time.

iSALE3D input files for the 8 simulations can be found in inputfiles.tgz

Postprocessing python scripts can be found in postprocessing.tgz
Date made available1 Dec 2020
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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Collins, G. (Contributor), Patel, N. (Contributor), Davison, T. (Contributor), Rae, A. (Contributor), Morgan, J. (Contributor), Gulick, S. (Contributor) (1 Dec 2020). Dataset for "A steeply-inclined trajectory for the Chicxulub impact". Unknown Publisher. 10.5281/zenodo.3667833