DOI's with SDG labels on Target level | 1.4M research articles (2009-2020) related to Sustainable Development Goals



Table content: This data set contains 1.4 million publication DOI's related to the Targets of the Sustainable Development Goals in the period 2009 - 2020.

Table dimensions: rows: 1.4 million, columns: 4 / rows: 1.4 million, columns: 180

Table columns: doi | date | sdg_target | sdg_goal / doi | date | 169 sdg_targets | 17 sdg_goalsl

Table formats:  .csv | .xlsx | .parquet

<em>How we made this data:</em>

We have made a search on Scopus using the Aurora SDG queries version 5 for each of the targets, with a limited year range from 2009 till 2020.

Good to know: don't be alarmed if you can find a doi that is labeled with more than one target (~16%). This is not a bug, this is a feature... We used 169 queries, one for each target, a publication can appear in more han one result set.

Read this report to learn more about the accuracy of the queries and the data result sets.

<em>How can you use this data:</em>

You can use this data to 1. quickly match your existing publication lists to this list to see how that your publications are related to the targets of the SDG's. 2. use these as a basis / seed set / gold set to train more advanced text / graph classifiers (after you have extracted title, abstract or even full-text using,, etc)

<em>How can you help:</em>

Let us know how you use this data. We'll put your project on the list in our SDG matching knowledge base.
Date made available2021

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