ELISA measurements for "Multi-omic profiles of human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease tissue highlight heterogeneity in disease phenotype"

  • Wasco Wruck (Contributor)
  • Karl Kashofer (Contributor)
  • Samrina Rehman (Contributor)
  • Andriani Daskalaki (Contributor)
  • Daniela Berg (Contributor)
  • Ewa Gralka (Contributor)
  • Justyna Jozefczuk (Contributor)
  • Katharina Drews (Contributor)
  • Vikash Pandey (Contributor)
  • Christian Regenbrecht (Contributor)
  • Christoph Wierling (Contributor)
  • Paola Turano (Contributor)
  • Ulrike Korf (Contributor)
  • Kurt Zatloukal (Contributor)
  • Hans Lehrach (Contributor)
  • Hans Victor Westerhoff (Contributor)
  • James Adjaye (Contributor)



ELISA measurements from plasma samples were carried out using the Ciraplex® platform (Aushon Biosystems, Billerica, MA, US). Commercial assays were purchased and measurements were carried out according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. The following 29 targets were analyzed either as single-plex assays or as multiplex assay: hFGFb; hGROa; hLIF;hIFNg; hIL1b; IL4; IL5; hIL6; hIL10; hIL12p70; hIL13; hTNFa; hI309; hIL8; hIP10; hMCP4; hMIP1a; hMIP1b; hCRP; hLeptin; hPAIactive; hResistin; hIGFBP1; hIGFBP3; hIGFBP2; hMIF; hApoA1; hCRP; hAcrp30.
Date made available8 Dec 2015
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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