Global reanalysis of riverine water levels at the river mouth



Dataset prepared for manuscript "The effect of surge on riverine flood hazard and impact in deltas globally" (Eilander et al 2020)

This dataset includes water level data and discharge at 3433 river mouth locations globally, including several components of nearshore still water levels based on a model framework for global compound flood simulations. We usedof runoff from tier 2 of the EartH2Observe (E2O) project (Dutra et al 2017, Schellekens et al 2017) with meteorological forcing from ERA-Interim (Dee et al 2011) and MSWEP v1.2 (Beck et al 2017), surge levels from the Global Tide and Surge Reanalysis (GTSR) based on the GTSM model (Muis et al 2016), and tide levels from the FES2012 model (Carrere et al 2012). These runoff and dynamic sea level (surge and tide) data were used to force the global river routing model CaMa-Flood (Yamazaki et al 2011) to simulate riverine water levels.

The accompanying excel file provides an table explaining the data dimensions, variables and metadata.
Date made available12 Feb 2020
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