Grain size distribution of splice sediment cores GeoB3375-1 and GeoB15016

  • Frank Lamy (Contributor)
  • John C.H. Chiang (Contributor)
  • Gema Martínez-Méndez (Contributor)
  • Mieke Thierens (Contributor)
  • Helge Wolfgang Arz (Contributor)
  • Joyce H C Bosmans (Contributor)
  • Dierk Hebbeln (Contributor)
  • Fabrice Lambert (Contributor)
  • Lester Lembke-Jene (Contributor)
  • Jan-Berend Stuut (Contributor)



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Category: geoscientificInformation

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Coverage: EVENT LABEL: GeoB3375-1_GeoB15016 * LATITUDE: -27.470000 * LONGITUDE: -71.250000 * LOCATION: off Chile * METHOD/DEVICE: Composite Core
Date made available11 Nov 2019
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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