Land degradation data for Central Asia



We provide two spatial distributions on the degradation state within Central Asia between 2000 and 2019. The file Degradation_status represents the overall degradation extent within the region (The file degradation_state_legend.txt provides the legend) . The file Degradation_status_soils depicts land degradation status considering soil quility. Soil quality is represented by regionally specific integrated indicator on soil quality (so-called "soil-bonitet"). The file Degradation_status_soils_legend provides the legend for the raster. All files are in the geotiff format and can be opened in standard GIS software.
Date made available26 Jun 2023
Temporal coverage2000 - 2019
Date of data productionDec 2022
Geographical coverageCentral Asia


  • land degradation
  • spatial analysis
  • GIS
  • land cover
  • Central Asia
  • soil quality
  • grassland degradation

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