Relative abundances of Florisphaera profunda and Helicosphaera carteri during the sapropel S5 of sediment core MD81-LC21

  • MichaĆ«l Grelaud (Contributor)
  • Gianluca Marino (Contributor)
  • Patrizia Ziveri (Contributor)
  • Eelco J Rohling (Contributor)



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Supplemental Information: The sampling was achieved between 836.00 and 1044.00 cm every 2 cm in core LC21. Smear slides were prepared for each samples and the relative abundances of coccolithophore species Florisphaera profunda and Helicosphare carteri were determined using a light microscope.

Coverage: EVENT LABEL: MD81-LC21 (LC21, LC-21) * LATITUDE: 35.660000 * LONGITUDE: 26.580000 * DATE/TIME: 1995-01-17T00:00:00 * ELEVATION: -1522.0 m * Recovery: 16.49 m * LOCATION: Mediterranean Sea * CAMPAIGN: MD81 * BASIS: Marion Dufresne (1995) * METHOD/DEVICE: Calypso Corer
Date made available16 Jan 2012
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