Replication data for: Bubbles and Financial Professionals

  • Utz Weitzel (Creator)
  • Christoph Huber (Contributor)
  • Juergen Huber (Contributor)
  • Michael Kirchler (Contributor)
  • Florian Lindner (Creator)
  • Julia Rose (Creator)



This dataset was used for the analysis in the paper 'Bubbles and Financial Professionals'. It is stored on the open science framework platform (OSF) . The dataset is open access and can be downloaded for replication without permission. The dataset consists of .xlsx files and was collected from 116 experimental markets with 412 professionals and 502 students in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia.
Date made available1 Mar 2019
PublisherOpen Science Framework
Geographical coverageNetherlands, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia.

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