Seismic reflection data from BELGICA cruise BG09/14b with links to NAV and SEG files

  • David Van Rooij (Contributor)
  • Dominique Blamart (Contributor)
  • Lies De Mol (Contributor)
  • Furu Mienis (Contributor)
  • Hans Pirlet (Contributor)
  • Laura Mariana Wehrmann (Contributor)
  • R Barbieri (Contributor)
  • Lois Maignien (Contributor)
  • Stefanie P Templer (Contributor)
  • Henk de Haas (Contributor)
  • Dierk Hebbeln (Contributor)
  • Norbert Frank (Contributor)
  • Stéphanie Larmagnat (Contributor)
  • Alina Stadnitskaia (Contributor)
  • N Stivaletta (Contributor)
  • Tjeerd C E van Weering (Contributor)
  • Yancheng Zhang (Contributor)
  • N Hamoumi (Contributor)
  • Veerle Cnudde (Contributor)
  • P Duyck (Contributor)
  • Jean Pierre Henriet (Contributor)
  • MiCROSYSTEMS MD 169 shipboard party (Contributor)



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Supplemental Information: see further details for an overview map with the location of the seismic profiles.

Coverage: EVENT LABEL: BG09/14b-track * LATITUDE START: 35.306000 * LONGITUDE START: -6.678000 * LATITUDE END: 35.303000 * LONGITUDE END: -6.780000 * DATE/TIME START: 2009-05-18T20:00:00 * DATE/TIME END: 2009-05-22T23:45:00 * LOCATION: Gulf of Cádiz * CAMPAIGN: BG09/14b * BASIS: Belgica * METHOD/DEVICE: Underway cruise track measurements
Date made available4 Jan 2011
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