Supplement 1. Competition experiment data set and R code for model 1 (individual level), model 2 (basin level), and model 3 (basin level accounting for heteroscedasticity).

  • Jocelyn E. Behm (Contributor)
  • Devin A. Edmonds (Contributor)
  • Jason P. Harmon (Contributor)
  • Anthony R. Ives (Contributor)



File List Competition_Model_Code.txt (MD5: 70506b9d3752928cbc45b020488d6c33) Tadpole_Competition_Data.txt (MD5: 1dfe519a33a7f7bfd54ba2ae682e4a66) Description Tadpole_Competition_Data.txt: This is tab-delimited data from tadpole competition experiments. Column descriptions below: Block = categorical A, B, C, or D corresponding to temporal block (date) Start = Start date of experiment End = End date of experiment Species = categorical F, M, or P corresponding to one of the three species of the focal individual Basin = categorical basin code corresponding to one of the 36 basins used in experiment Trt = categorical F, M, P, or C corresponding to competition treatment (C = low density / 60 individuals of focal species) Examples: Species = F, Trt = F → high density F treatment Species = F, Trt = P → F individual in P treatment Stage = response variable Gosner developmental stage (ranging from 25 to 46 or NA if the individual did not survive) Mass = response variable final weight (g) (NA if individual did not survive) Length = Body length (mm) (NA if individual did not survive) Survival = 1 if individual survived; 0 if individual did not survive until the end of the experiment. Competition_Model_Code.txt: This file contains R code to perform the following: Analyze the tadpole competition data with the three models described in the main text of the manuscript
Date made available1 Jan 2016
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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