Supplementary Table S9 from Gossip and reputation in everyday life

  • Catherine Molho (Contributor)
  • F Righetti (Contributor)
  • PAM van Lange (Contributor)
  • Terence D. Dores Cruz (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) (Contributor)
  • Junhui Wu (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS - Institute of Psychology) (Contributor)
  • Antonios Koutsoumpis (Contributor)
  • Isabel Thielmann (Contributor)
  • Simon Columbus (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Copenhagen) (Contributor)
  • Bianca Beersma (Contributor)
  • RE de Vries (Contributor)
  • DP Balliet (Contributor)



Full mediation models on the relation between gossip content on behavioural intentions toward the gossip target via relationship value during experience sampling.
Date made available1 Jan 2021
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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