Surface Chl a concentrations of the western tropical North Atlantic where mooring sites M4 and M5 were located

  • Laura F Korte (Contributor)
  • Geert-Jan A Brummer (Contributor)
  • Michèlle Van Der Does (Contributor)
  • Catarina V. Guerreiro (Contributor)
  • Furu Mienis (Contributor)
  • Chris I. Munday (Contributor)
  • Leandro Ponsoni (Contributor)
  • Stefan Schouten (Contributor)
  • Jan-Berend Stuut (Contributor)



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Supplemental Information: Start Date: 2002-07-03T00:00:00Z
End Date: 2019-06-24T23:59:59Z
Bounding Box: -50,11,-48,13
Bounding Box: -49.9792,11.0208,-48.0208,12.9792

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Date made available29 May 2020
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