(Table 1) Abundances of H2O+, CO2, K2O, Rb and Sr and the isotope ratios of C, O, Sr and Nd in rocks of altered ocean crust from DSDP Hole 52-418A

  • Hubert Staudigel (Contributor)
  • Gareth R Davies (Contributor)
  • Stanley R Hart (Contributor)
  • K M Marchant (Contributor)
  • Brian M Smith (Contributor)



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Coverage: EVENT LABEL: 52-418A * LATITUDE: 25.035000 * LONGITUDE: -68.057300 * DATE/TIME: 1977-02-10T00:00:00 * ELEVATION: -5511.0 m * Penetration: 570.5 m * Recovery: 205.5 m * LOCATION: North Atlantic/CONT RISE * CAMPAIGN: Leg52 * BASIS: Glomar Challenger * METHOD/DEVICE: Drilling/drill rig
Date made available2 Oct 1995
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