(Table 3) Calibrated radiocarbon dates of fossil aragonitic land snail shells in the MS2006 loess-paleosol sequence

  • Francien Peterse (Contributor)
  • Maarten Prins (Contributor)
  • Kay Beets (Contributor)
  • Simon Troelstra (Contributor)
  • Hongbo Zheng (Contributor)
  • Zhaoyan Gu (Contributor)
  • Stefan Schouten (Contributor)
  • Jaap S. Sinninghe Damste (Contributor)



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Supplemental Information: inferred from Gu et al. (2009)

Coverage: EVENT LABEL: MS2006 * LATITUDE: 34.961670 * LONGITUDE: 113.370000 * LOCATION: Huang He, China * METHOD/DEVICE: Sampling by hand
Date made available29 Sept 2011
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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