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Research Output 1981 2018


Een overgangspad voor de doorsneesystematiek

Gradus, R. H. J. M. 2014 In : PM. Pensioen Magazine. 19, 8/9, p. 10-13

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

Effects of psychological distance in brand-related social media posts on consumers' evaluation and attitude formation

Zerres, A. & Kranzbuhler, A. M. 2014 p. 217

Research output: Other research outputAbstract

Effects of unit-based pricing on the waste collection demand: a meta-regression analysis

Gradus, R. H. J. M. & Bel, G. 2014 Barcelona: Research Institute of Applied Economics, 20 p.(WP; no. 2014-20)

Research output: ProfessionalWorking paper

Emotions in advice taking: the roles of agency and valence

de Hooge, I. E., Verlegh, P. W. J. & Tzioti, S. C. 2014 In : Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. 27, 3, p. 246-258

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Engels is de taal van de werkvloer

Ploos van Amstel, W. 9 Sep 2014 In : Parool. 1 p.

Research output: PopularArticle

Enhancing the effects of SNS marketing campaigns: If you want consumers to like you, ask them about themselves

van Noort, G., Antheunis, M. & Verlegh, P. W. J. 2014 In : International Journal of Advertising. 33, 2, p. 235-252

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Enkele opmerkingen over instemmingsrechten

Huizink, J. B. 2014 In : Onderneming en financiering. 4, p. 4-11

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

Enkele vraagstukken rond artikel 2:216 nader belicht

Huizink, J. B. 2014 In : Tijdschrift voor Jaarrekeningenrecht. Oktober, p. 99-104

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

Epistemologies in clash: What happens when analytics lands in the organization?

Pachidi, S., Berends, J. J., Faraj, S. A., Huysman, M. H. & van de Weerd, I. 2014 OLKC 2014, International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities. Oslo, Norway: OLKC

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewConference contribution

Error management in audit firms: Error climate, type, and originator

Gold, A. H., Gronewold, U. & Salterio, S. E. 2014 In : The Accounting Review. 89, 1, p. 303-330

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Er zal steeds minder diesel uit de pomp stromen

Ploos van Amstel, W. 14 Sep 2014 In : Financieel Dagblad. 1 p., 1

Research output: PopularArticle

Exact Algorithms for the Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem

Battarra, M., Erdogan, G. & Vigo, D. 2014 In : Operations Research. 62, 1, p. 58-71

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Exploration, exploitation, and geographic diversity: A study of new entrepreneurial ventures

Bahlmann, M. D. 2014 Academy of Management Proceedings 2014. Philadelphia: AOM

Research output: ScientificConference contribution

Exploring Open Innovation at the Level of R&D Projects

Vanhaverbeke, W., Du, J., Leten, B. & Aalders, F. 2014 New Frontiers in Open Innovation. Chesbrough, H., Vanhaverbeke, W. & West, J. (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University press, p. 115-134

Research output: ScientificChapter

Explosion and linear transit times in infinite trees

Amini, O., Devroye, L., Griffiths, S. & Olver, N. K. 2014 Online: arXiv, 25 p.(arXiv; no. 1411.4426)

Research output: ProfessionalWorking paper

Externalities and Cooperation in Algorithmic Game Theory

de Keijzer, B. 2014 Amsterdam: VU University. 291 p.

Research output: ScientificPhD Thesis - Research external, graduation VU

Open Access

Extremely thin models in print ads: The dark sides

Andersen, K. & Paas, L. J. 2014 In : Journal of Marketing Communications. 20, 6, p. 447-464

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Fair-competition-for-the-seaports [blog]

Gradus, R. H. J. M. 30 Apr 2014

Research output: PopularOnline publication or Website

Fast Flux Module Detection using Matroid Theory

Muller, A., Bruggeman, F., Olivier, B. & Stougie, L. 2014 In : Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 8394, p. 192-206

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Faultline deactivation: Dealing with activated faultlines and conflicts in global teams

van der Kamp, M., Tjemkes, B. V. & Jehn, K. A. 2014 Leading Global Teams: Translating the Multidisciplinary Science to Practice. Wildman, J. (ed.). London: Springer

Research output: ScientificChapter

Financiering en treasury: Na de engelen en FFF

Claes, P. C. M. 2014 In : Management Control & Accounting. 18, 5, p. 26-32

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

Open Access

Four Variants of the Vehicle Routing Problem

Irnich, S., Schneider, M. & Vigo, D. 2014 Vehicle Routing: Problems, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition. Toth, P. & Vigo, D. (eds.). Philadelpia: SIAM, p. 241-272 (MOS-SIAM Series on Optimization; no. 18)

Research output: ScientificChapter

Framework for implementing product portfolio management in software business

Jagroep, E., Van De Weerd, I., Brinkkemper, S. & Dobbe, T. 2014 Software Project Management in a Changing World. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, p. 193-221 29 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewChapter


Framing the Change: Switching and Blending Frames and their Role in Instigating Institutional Change

Werner, M. D. & Cornelissen, J. P. 2014 In : Organization Studies. 35, 10, p. 1449-1472

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

From make-or-buy to coordinating collaboration: Management control in strategic alliances

Dekker, H. C. & Anderson, S. W. 2014 Management Control and Uncertainty. Otley, D. T. & Soin, K. (eds.). Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, p. Ch. 4

Research output: ScientificChapter

Fysieke distributie - Werken aan toegevoegde waarde

Ploos van Amstel, W., van Goor, A. R. & Ploos van Amstel, M. 2014 Groningen: Noordhoff Uitgevers. 412 p.

Research output: ProfessionalBook

Generations and work-home values: the interplay between historical trends and events, and generational work-home identity

Sok, J. M. H., Lub, X. D. & Blomme, R. J. 2014 Generational Diversity at Work: New Research Perspectives. Parry, E. (ed.). London: Routledge, p. 52-66

Research output: ScientificChapter

Geographic network diversity: How does it affect exploratory innovation?

Bahlmann, M. D. 2014 In : Industry and Innovation. 21, 7-8, p. 633-654 22 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Geven is ontvangen

Schram, I. & van der Wal, A. J. 2014 In : Tijdschrift voor Marketing. Juni, 6, p. 56-58

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

Global vs local brands: how home country bias and price differences impact brand evaluations

Winit, W., Gregory, G., Cleveland, M. & Verlegh, P. W. J. 2014 In : International Marketing Review. 31, 2, p. 102-128

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Hacking Fear

Van Horen, F. 1 Sep 2014 In : Monthly. p. 9 1 p.

Research output: PopularArticle


Handling management ideas: Gatekeeping, editors and professional magazines

Nijholt, J., Heusinkveld, H. S. & Benders, J. 2014 In : Scandinavian Journal of Management. 30, 4, p. 470-484

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Hoe vergelijkbaar is de Net Promoter Score over landen heen?

Janmaat, F. & van Herk, H. 2014 In : Maandblad voor accountancy en bedrijfseconomie. 88, 7/8, p. 282-291 9 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Humanitarian supply chain performance management: a systematic literature review

Abidi, H., de Leeuw, S. L. J. M. & Klumpp, M. 2014 In : Supply Chain Management: An International Journal. 19, 5/6, p. 592-608

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

ICT policy to foster interorganisational ICT adoption by SMEs: The Netherlands Goes Digital case

Plomp, M. G. A., Batenburg, R. S. & den Hertog, P. 2014 Information Systems and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) – State of Art of IS Research in SMEs. Devos, J., van Landeghem, H. & Deschoolmeester, D. (eds.). Berlin: Springer, p. 123-139

Research output: ScientificChapter

ICT slagveld bij Defensie was te voorzien

Ploos van Amstel, W. 8 Jul 2014 In : Financieel Dagblad.

Research output: PopularArticle

Improving Outsourcing Negotiations

Essa, S. A. G., Dekker, H. C. & Groot, T. L. C. M. 2014 In : Amsterdam in Science, Business and Society. 2, p. 28-29

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

Income smoothing by Dutch hospitals

Boterenbrood, D. R. 2014 In : Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. 33, 5, p. 510-524

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle