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Research Output 1981 2018


A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Incineration or Recycling of Dutch Household Plastics

Gradus, R. H. J. M., Nillesen, P., Dijkgraaf, E. & Koppen, R. V. 26 Jan 2017 In : Ecological Economics. 135, p. 22-28 7 p., 3

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Acquiring resources for a new venture: A study of the micro-level linguistic practices of startup entrepreneurs

van Werven, R. 2017 Amsterdam: Amsterdam Business Research Institute. 164 p.

Research output: ScientificPhD Thesis - Research VU, graduation VU

A critical understanding of entrepreneurship

Verduyn, K., Dey, P. & Tedmanson, D. 2017 In : Revue de l'Entrepreneuriat. 16, 1, p. 37 45 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

A linear programming approach for battery degradation analysis and optimization in offgrid power systems with solar energy integration

Bordin, C., Anuta, H. O., Crossland, A., Gutierrez, I. L., Dent, C. J. & Vigo, D. 2017 In : Renewable Energy. 101, February, p. 417-430 14 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Ambition at work and career satisfaction: The mediating role of taking charge behavior and the moderating role of pay

El Baroudi, S., Fleisher, C., Khapova, S. N., Jansen, P. G. W. & Richardson, J. 2017 In : Career Development International. 22, 1, p. 87-102

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

An Exact Approach for a Variant of the Pollution-Routing Problem

Dabia, S., Demir, E. & van Woensel, T. 2017 In : Transportation Science.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

An Experience-Utility Explanation of the Preference for Larger Assortments

Aydinli, A., Gu, Y. & Tuan Pham, M. 2017 In : International Journal of Research in Marketing. 34, 3

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

Arthur, M. B., Khapova, S. N. & Richardson, J. 2017 New York: Oxford University press.

Research output: ScientificBook

A nod to public open access infrastructures

Fecher, B., Friesike, S. & Wagner, G. G. 23 Jun 2017 In : Science. 356, 6344, p. 1242-1242

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Approximability of average completion time scheduling on unrelated machines

Sitters, R. A. 2017 In : Mathematical Programming. 161, 1, p. 135-158

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

A priori TSP in the Scenario Model

van Ee, M., van Iersel, L. J. J., Janssen, T. M. L. & Sitters, R. A. 2017 In : Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 10138, p. 183-196

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

A reputation economy: how individual reward considerations trump systemic arguments for open access to data

Fecher, B., Friesike, S. C., Hebing, M. & Linek, S. 20 Jun 2017 In : Palgrave Communications. 3

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

A study of how diversity in conference participation relates to SMEs' innovative performance

Vlasov, S. A., Bahlmann, M. D. & Knoben, J. 2017 In : Journal of Economic Geography.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Branding Strategies for High Technology Products: The Effects of Consumer and Product Innovativeness

Truong, Y., van Klink, R., Simmons, G., Grinstein, A. & Palmer, M. 2017 In : Journal of Business Research. 70, January, p. 85-91

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Bricolage and identity work

Visscher, K. J., Heusinkveld, H. S. & O'Mahoney, J. 2017 In : British Journal of Management.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

"Buying" Corporate Social Responsibility: Organisational Identity Orientation as a Determinant of Practice Adoption

Wickert, C. M. J., Vaccaro, A. & Cornelissen, J. P. 2017 In : Journal of Business Ethics. 142, 3, p. 497-514

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Collaborative Value Creation In Smart City Projects

Oskam, I. F., Bossink, B. A. G. & de Man, A-P. 2 Jul 2017 Collaborative Value Creation In Smart City Projects.

Research output: ProfessionalConference contribution

Competition in the Dutch hospital sector: an analysis of health care volume and cost

Krabbe-Alkemade, Y. J. F. M., Groot, T. L. C. M. & Lindeboom, M. 1 Mar 2017 In : The European Journal of Health Economics. 18, 2, p. 139-153 15 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Copy, transform, combine: exploring the remix as a form of innovation

Flath, C. M., Friesike, S., Wirth, M. & Thiesse, F. 2017 In : Journal of Information Technology.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Corporate social responsibility and reputation: Too much of a good thing?

Wickert, C. M. J. & Cornelissen, J. 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Communication and Governance. Moon, J., Morsing, M. & Rasche, A. (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Research output: ScientificChapter

Costly Control: An Examination of the Tradeoff between Control Investments and Residual Risk in Interfirm Transactions

Anderson, S. W., Dekker, H. C. & van den Abbeele, A. G. H. L. 2017 In : Management Science.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Crafting your Career: How Career Competencies Relate to Career Success via Job Crafting

Akkermans, J. & Tims, M. 2017 In : Applied Psychology. 66, 1, p. 168-195

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Critical Management Studies and paradox

van Bommel, K. & Spicer, A. 2017 Oxford Handbook of Organizational Paradox: Approaches to Plurality, Tensions and Contradictions. Jarzabkowski, P., Lewis, M., Smith, W. & Langley, A. (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewChapter

Decision-making and small business growth in Burundi

Eijdenberg, E. L., Masurel, E. & Paas, L. J. 2017 In : Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. 9, 1, p. 35 64 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Dertig jaar financieel management bij rijk en gemeenten: Welke lessen hebben we geleerd?

Groot, T. & van Helden, J. Jun 2017 In : TPC. Tijdschrift voor public governance audit & control. 15, 3, p. 33 38 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Determinants of Safe and Productive Truck Driving: Empirical Evidence from Long-haul Cargo Transport

de Vries, J., de Koster, R., Rijsdijk, S. & Roy, D. 2017 In : Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review. 97, 1, p. 113-131

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Development Cost Capitalization During R&D Races

De Waegenaere, A., Sansing, R. C. & Wielhouwer, J. L. 2017 In : Contemporary Accounting Research.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Domestic Market Power in the International Airline Industry

de Jong, G., Behrens, C. L., van Herk, H. & Verhoef, E. T. 2017 Amsterdam: Tinbergen Institute, 34 p.(Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper; no. 17-009/VIII)

Research output: ProfessionalWorking paper

Ecologically friendly sourcing in developing countries: a non-food case study

de Leeuw, S. L. J. M., Dullaert, W. & Ouaderzan, A. 13 Aug 2017 In : Logistics. 1, 11 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Estimating hierarchical constructs using consistent partial least squares: The case of second-order composites of common factors

Riel van, A. C. R., Henseler, J., Kemény, I. & Sasovova, Z. 2017 In : Industrial Management & Data Systems. 117, 3, p. 459-477

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

Grootschalige recycling luiers: bezint eer gij begint

Gradus, R. H. J. M. 10 May 2017

Research output: ProfessionalOnline publication or Website

Het takenpakket van de controllersfunctie verbreedt

Dijkman, A., Budding, G., Schoute, M. & de With, E. 2017 In : Controllers Magazine. 31, 1, p. 20-23 4 p.

Research output: ProfessionalArticle

International and Cross-Cultural Business Research

Usunier, J-C., van Herk, H. & Lee, J. A. 29 Apr 2017 SAGE Publications Ltd. 224 p.

Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewBook