Research Output 2001 2019


The Business of Ontology calls for a Formal Pragmatics

Akkermans, J. M., 2008, Unknown Publisher.

Research output: Book / ReportReportAcademic


Control Patterns in a Healthcare Network: Applying Control Patterns to Redesign Governance and Control Mechanisms in a Healthcare Network

Kartseva, V., Hulstijn, J., Gordijn, J. & Tan, Y. H., 2006, Enschede: Telematica Instituut. 64 p.

Research output: Book / ReportReportProfessional


Opportunities for we-centric service bundling in dementiacare: Facilitating information exchange and communication between users and service providers

Hulstijn, J., Droes, R. M., Meiland, F. J. M., de Roest, H., Maroccini, R., Slagter, R., Baida, Z. S., Haaker, T., Kartseva, V., Schmieman, R., Akkermans, J. M., Faber, E. & Tan, Y. H., 2005, Amsterdam: VU Medisch Centrum. 93 p.

Research output: Book / ReportReportProfessional

Social Chart Prototype Architecture

Hulstijn, J., Baida, Z. S., Lenz, R. & Slagter, R., 2005, Enschede: Telematica Instituut. 17 p.

Research output: Book / ReportReportProfessional