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World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center at the VU Department of Clinical, Neuro-and Developmental Psychology will collaborate with WHO to develop and evaluate scalable psychological interventions for mental health problems and will contribute to WHO guideline development.

The VU participates in and leads collaborative research on randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on scalable psychological interventions for common mental disorders and future projects. The WHO CC works on the science of conducting randomized controlled trails with the developed psychological interventions to test their effectiveness. The VU and WHO also collaborate on systematic reviews on psychological interventions, assessing the evidence for interventions. This is done by synthesizing evidence on psychological interventions and advice on WHO guideline development. The VU also collaborates on regulatory and methodological aspects of building an evidence base for psychological interventions. This development has to be supported by evidence about the effectiveness, acceptability and scalability of these interventions. The VU also advises the WHO on issues related to mental disorders.

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  • Individual Patient Data of the STRENGTHS Randomized Controlled Trials with adults

    Sijbrandij, M. (Creator), De Graaff, A. (Creator), Cuijpers, P. (Creator), Acarturk, C. (Creator), Bryant, R. (Creator), Akhtar, A. (Creator), Morina, N. (Creator), Knaevelsrud, C. (Creator), Alkneme, M. S. (Creator), McDaid, D. (Creator), Burchert, S. (Creator), Awwad, M. (Creator), Bawaneh, A. (Creator), Giardinelli, L. (Creator), Hemmo, M. (Creator), Hessling, J. (Creator), Ilkkursun, Z. (Creator), Kiselev, N. (Creator), Kurt, G. (Creator), Park, A. (Creator), Pfaltz, M. (Creator), Schick, M. (Creator), Schnyder, U. (Creator), Spaaij, J. (Creator), Uygun, E. (Creator), Whitney, C. (Creator) & Sijbrandij, M. (Contributor), DataverseNL, 2022


  • Supplementary Material for: Probability of Major Depression Classification Based on the SCID, CIDI, and MINI Diagnostic Interviews: A Synthesis of Three Individual Participant Data Meta-Analyses

    Spangenberg, L. (Contributor), McMillan, D. (Contributor), Ponsford, J. L. (Contributor), Robertson-Blackmore, E. (Contributor), Shaaban, J. (Contributor), Patten, S. B. (Contributor), Martin-Santos, R. (Contributor), Tendais, I. (Contributor), Jette, N. (Contributor), Luwa E-Andjafono, D. O. (Contributor), Amtmann, D. (Contributor), Wang, W. (Contributor), Flint, A. J. (Contributor), Chan, J. C. N. (Contributor), Su, K. (Contributor), Conwell, Y. (Contributor), Cholera, R. (Contributor), Sundstr?m-Poromaa, I. (Contributor), Tandon, S. D. (Contributor), Kim, S. (Contributor), Thiagayson, P. (Contributor), Trevillion, K. (Contributor), Os?rio, F. L. (Contributor), Reme, S. E. (Contributor), Keller, M. (Contributor), Wu, Y. (Contributor), Downing, M. G. (Contributor), Navarrete, L. (Contributor), Hall, B. J. (Contributor), Van Der Feltz-Cornelis, C. M. (Contributor), Cuijpers, P. (Contributor), Chen, C. (Contributor), Saadat, N. (Contributor), Field, S. (Contributor), Green, E. P. (Contributor), Tonelli, M. (Contributor), Leonardou, A. A. (Contributor), Azar, M. (Contributor), Vega-Dienstmaier, J. M. (Contributor), Goodyear-Smith, F. (Contributor), Baradaran, H. R. (Contributor), Pugh, S. L. (Contributor), Boruff, J. (Contributor), Mehner, A. (Contributor), Yamada, M. (Contributor), Shinn, E. H. (Contributor), Lara, M. A. (Contributor), Zhang, Y. (Contributor), Lowe, B. (Contributor), Mitchell, N. D. (Contributor), Reuter, K. (Contributor), Massardo, L. (Contributor), Conway, A. (Contributor), Al-Adawi, S. (Contributor), Wagner, L. I. (Contributor), Stafford, L. (Contributor), Garman, E. C. (Contributor), Dabscheck, E. (Contributor), Ziegelstein, R. C. (Contributor), Diez-Quevedo, C. (Contributor), S?nchez-Gonz?lez, R. (Contributor), Howard, L. M. (Contributor), Bhana, A. (Contributor), Alvarado, R. (Contributor), Fujimori, M. (Contributor), Fann, J. R. (Contributor), Feinstein, A. (Contributor), Hudson, M. (Contributor), Simard, S. (Contributor), Van Weert, H. 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  • Feasibility and acceptability of Problem Management Plus (PM+) among Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland: a mixed-method pilot randomized controlled trial

    Spaaij, J. (Creator), Kiselev, N. (Creator), Berger, C. (Creator), Bryant, R. A. (Creator), Cuijpers, P. (Creator), de Graaff, A. (Creator), Fuhr, D. C. (Creator), Hemmo, M. (Creator), McDaid, D. (Creator), Moergeli, H. (Creator), Park, A. (Creator), Pfaltz, M. C. (Creator), Schick, M. (Creator), Schnyder, U. (Creator), Wenger, A. (Creator), Sijbrandij, M. (Creator), Morina, N. (Creator) & Consortium, O. B. O. T. S. (Contributor), Taylor&Francis, 2022


  • Feasibility and acceptability of Problem Management Plus (PM+) among Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland: a mixed-method pilot randomized controlled trial

    Cuijpers, P. (Contributor), McDaid, D. (Contributor), Spaaij, J. (Contributor), Moergeli, H. (Contributor), de Graaff, A. (Contributor), Morina, N. (Contributor), Park, A. (Contributor), Hemmo, M. (Contributor), Kiselev, N. (Contributor), Pfaltz, M. C. (Contributor), Fuhr, D. C. (Contributor), Bryant, R. A. (Contributor), Schick, M. (Contributor), Wenger, A. (Contributor), Schnyder, U. (Contributor), Berger, C. (Contributor) & Sijbrandij, M. (Contributor), figshare Academic Research System, 1 Jan 2022