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The Euromix project, in its conjugation in the Italian context, is a study of the regulation of 'mixture' ('interracial' sex, relationships, and marriage) in Italy's colonial past and interwar period. Informed by critical race and critical mixed race studies, it challenges the common assumption that Italy never had 'anti-miscegenation'laws comparable to those in the United States.
In exporing if, when, how, and why forms of regulation aiming to prevent or restrict 'interracial mixture' developed in Italy, the project delivers a vital contribution to our knowledge of the development of racial thinking in Europe. The concept of mixture provides an eminently suitable approach to the construction of 'race', since 'mixture' confuses and destabilizes racialized categories that seem fixed and essentialized in specific times and places.
Through archival research and legal analysis, this approach helps us understand what lawmakers and enforcers believed 'race' was, what they believed 'mixture' was, how this was translated into legal practices, and how targeted couples responded.

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Cultural Anthropology, Master, Universiteit Utrecht

1 Sep 201631 Aug 2017

Cultural Anthropology, Bachelor, University of Bologna

1 Oct 20131 Aug 2016