Beibei Yang
  • Room 8A-40, NU-building

  • Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), De Boelelaan 1111

    1081 HV Amsterdam

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Beibei Yang is a PhD researcher in the Environmental Policy Analysis department of IVM of VU Amsterdam. Her research explores how China’s ecological civilization is translated into practical implementation of environmental (climate change, forestry, and biodiveristy) governance at the national and international levels based on Foucauldian discourse approach. 

Beibei Yang completed a Master degree in Social Research from University of York (UK), and a Bachelor degree in Advertising from Henan University of Economics and Law (China). Before joining IVM, she worked as a junior researcher at Tsingyan Research, where she was part of a multidisciplinary team working on public policies, such as poverty alleviation, social assistance programme, local governments’ performance evaluation.


Environmental policy, Public policy, Discourse analysis.


2020: MA in Social Research, University of York, UK.

2015: BA in Advertising, Henan University of Economics and Law, China.


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