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My aim is to contribute insight into family relationships  and the development of mental health and resilience, and into interventions that can support at risk parents and other caregivers in fostering high quality relationships with children. This goal is pursued by a combination of research on our Generations² longitudinal pregnancy cohort study, creation and synthesis of practice based and research based evidence, and intervention studies in partnership with intervention services and care organizations that support families, children, and people with disabilities. Attachment theory has been a major theoretical basis for this work since our program started in 2000.

Prizes and Awards

Bowlby-Ainsworth Senior Award (March 2019)

Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (May 2017)

ISIS Dissertation Award (1998)

Ancillary activities

  • Gezondheidsraad | Den Haag | Member working committee Youth trauma and attachment | 2016-12-01 - present
  • Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability | Melbourne | associate editor | 2017-01-01 - present
  • 's Heeren Loo Zorggroep | Amersfoort | lid wetenschappelijke raad | 2017-10-26 - present
  • Child Development (scientific journal of SRCD) | Washington, DC | associate editor | 2017-10-26 - present
  • Amsterdam Public Health research institute | Amsterdam | vice-director | 2019-02-01 - present
  • Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie | Den Haag | independent expert | 2019-05-03 - present

Ancillary activities are updated daily

Personal information

Former employment/roles

Associate Dean Research of Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (October 2012 – May 2019)

Assistant professor Child and Family Studies, LeidenUniversity (0,7 fte April 1997 - March 1999; 0,9 fte April 1999 – November 1999).

Researcher, Ottho Gerhard Heldring stichting, Zetten (0,3 fte April 1997 -  March 1999; 0,1 fte April 1999 - November 1999)


Science councils:

-          ZonMW (2019-structural funding) (60-641 00-98-1 03) Academic Workplace ‘s Heeren Loo – VU (Schuengel, Bijl, Dijkman, Erends, & Van der Knaap) k€ 542 for 2019; k€ 411/year

-          ZonMW (2018-2020) (60-00635-98-220) The autonomy of adolescents with a visual impairment and autonomy supporting practices of parents and professionals (Heppe, Kef, Schuengel) k€ 150

-          ZonMW (2018-2022) (80-84500-98-402) Free and secure: Scaling up and out of novel methods to reduce restraints in care for people with challenging behaviour problems and moderate to severe intellectual disability (Schuengel, Embregts, Taminiau, Bindels, Erends, Klem, Hertogh, Wilders) k€ 400

-          ZonMW (2016-2020) (80-84500-98-136) Being able to choose together: Network for selfdetermination of people with disability and intensive care needs (Schuengel, Embregts, Van Nieuwenhuijzen, & Taminiau) k€ 779.156

-          ZonMW (2015-2016) (80-84500-98-200) Developing a minimal dataset for people with intellectual disabilities (Schuengel, Embregts, Evenhuis) k€ 58

-          ZonMW (2014-2015) (60-61400-99) Feasibility and support for a minimal dataset for people with intellectual disabilities (Schuengel, Embregts, Evenhuis) k€ 35

-          SSHRC (2015-2017) (1033221). IPD synthesis of intergenerational transmission studies (Madigan, Verhage, Schuengel, Fearon, Van IJzendoorn) CAD 73,600

-          NWO-NRO (2014-2018) (405-14-570-015) Home in school: Learning starts with communication (Willemen, Pels, Oosterman, Dobber, Schuengel) k€ 315

-          ZonMW-InZicht (2013-2016) (60-00635-98-126)  Effects of VIPP-V training in early intervention with parents of (very) young children with visual impairments or visual-and-intellectual disabilities (Sterkenburg, Kef, Schuengel) k€ 150

-          ZonMW-Inzicht (2012-2016) (60-00635-98-119), Social participation of persons with visual impairments: Guides, pathways and milestones (Kef, Schuengel) k€ 247

-          ZonMW (2011-2015) (15901.0004), Academische Werkplaats Kindermishandeling: Onderzoek, kennisontwikkeling en implementatie (Lamers-Winkelman, Van Bavel, Schuengel, De Schipper) M€1,5

-          NWO-Hersenen en cognitie (2010-2014) (NWO 431-99-034) Individual, dyadic, subgroup and group contributors to development and change of bullying and victimization (Goossens, Olthof, Schuengel, Jolles,) k€ 200

-          ZonMW (2010-2012) (60-00635-98-089), Using mobile technology to support social relationships, wellbeing, and participation of adults with visual and intellectual disabilities (Sterkenburg, Schuengel) k€ 150

-          NWO-Hersenen en cognitie (2010-201) (nnb), Take care of the wasting talent (Willemen, Schuengel, Krabbendam). k€ 75

-          NWO-OC (2009-2013) (400-09-123) , Intergenerational transmission of caregiving in at risk mothers (Schuengel, Oosterman) k€ 200

-          ZonMW (2009-2011) (60-00635-98-065), Associated factors in parenting of mothers and fathers with visual impairments (Kef, Schuengel) k€ 123

-          ZonMW (2008-2012) (80-82435-98-8038), Effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral based group intervention for children with chronic disease: A randomized controlled trial. (Last, Willemen, Grootenhuis, Schuengel, Stam, Heymans) k€ 450

-          ZonMW (2008-2012) (80-82435-98-8010), The effectiveness of a psycho-educational program for child witnesses and victims of Domestic Violence. (Lamers-Winkelman, De Schipper, Schuengel) k€ 473

-          ZonMW (2008-2012) (80-82435-98-8014), Effecten van MTFC-P vergeleken met TGV voor jonge pleegkinderen met psychische problemen (Lindauer, Boer, Schuengel) k€ 451

-          ZonMW (2008-2012), What works? Support for difficult learning parents. Consortium VU (Schuengel, Janssen), Carante, Philadelphia, Gemiva-SVG k€ 560

-          NWO-OC (2004-2009) (400-03-133), Attachment and parenting style as moderators of stability of victimization in preschool children  (Schuengel). k€ 167

-          NWO-Ties that bind (2004-2008) (457-03-014), Intergenerational solidarity: An attachment perspective (Schuengel). k€ 162

-          NWO-Stip (2004-2009) (473-04-404), Van kwaad tot erger: Ontwikkelingspaden van jonge veelplegers, (Schuengel, Koot, Bijleveld). k€ 138

-          ZonMW-InZicht (2004-2006) (60-00635-98-002), CONTACT with persons with visual and intellectual disabilities: The influence of caregivers’attachment representations on the effect of an intervention program (Schuengel) k€ 125.

-          ZonMW-Inzicht (2002-2005) "Testing an attachment-based behavior modification treatment" (Schuengel) k€ 115

-          ZonMW “Longitudinal study on determinants and course of functional status in children (age 8-12 year) with cerebral palsy” (2001) (Becher, Schuengel, & Janssen) fl 420.000


Contract research:

-          City Council Amsterdam (2017-2021) “Scientist-practitioner project parent-child interaction under high risk (Oosterman, Schuengel, Bonnet) k€160

-          Steunfonds ’s Heeren Loo (2012-2016) Verantwoord verminderen van vrijheidsbeperkende maatregelen (Schuengel, Frederiks, Van Nieuwenhuijzen) k€ 285

-          NutsOhra (2010-2014) (1001-066) Ondersteunen van aanstaande ouders bij prenatale diagnose (Oosterman, Schuengel, Meijer, Van Vugt, Cohen-Kettenis) k€ 234

-          Stichting tot Steun Nederland (2009-2017) Generations2: Parenting and early child development. (Schuengel, Oosterman) M€ 1.5.

-          PIVU-research fund (2003) Parent-child interaction, emotion regulation, and the development of psychopathology. (Schuengel, Koot) k€ 190.

-          Johanna children’s fund (2003) "Gezinsfactoren en de transitie naar de pubertijd bij kinderen met cerebrale parese" (Schuengel, Becher) k€ 90

-          Xonar Zuid-Limburg (2002) " Hoofdstudie: Behandeling van verstoorde gehechtheid" (Schuengel, Baartman) k€ 82

-          Xonar Zuid-Limburg (2001) " Voorstudie: Behandeling van verstoorde gehechtheid" (Schuengel, Baartman) k€ 12

-          SJN (2000) “Sport en sociale integratie van risicojongeren” (Biesta, Schuengel, Stams) fl 190.000

-          Department of justice (1996) “Attachment of institutionalized adolescents” (Schuengel & Van IJzendoorn) fl 600.000

Academic qualification

PhD, Social Sciences, Leiden University

1 Oct 199230 Nov 1996

Award Date: 6 Nov 1997

Master, Institute of Education, Leiden University

1 Sep 19881 Sep 1992

Award Date: 1 Sep 1992


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